About Us


The medical team at Pfizer Israel is responsible for the company’s scientific communication with the medical community.

We work with healthcare professionals (HCPs) to:

  • Advance scientific knowledge of diseases, including disease management and treatment outcomes.
  • Ensure the safe and appropriate use of our medicines.
  • Ensure that our medicines meet the needs of patients and health care providers.

As part of Pfizer Israel Medical Affairs, we create and manage evidence-based, accurate, scientifically balanced, and non-promotional communications. We provide medical and pharmacoeconomic information about our products and disease areas and support research and development.

The Pfizer Science website was developed especially for the medical community.
Through this website HCPs can connect with the Medical Affairs team members, who can respond to questions and requests about research and grant support.
It also provides information about compassionate use requests, medical information inquiries, and in-depth scientific content to help HCPs enhance knowledge and skills.